Worcester Youth Center

The Worcester Youth Center is an educational, recreational and social facility for youth between the ages of 14 and 24.

Over the last 10 years, Cara has worked on a number of projects connecting youth at the Worcester Youth Center to arts and media based enrichment and civic engagement activities.


The Center opened its doors in 1994 after three years of planning by youth, city officials, youth organizations, and adult advocates. Together, they envisioned a drop-in center that would be open to all young adults and adolescents throughout Worcester. It would not charge fees for membership or programs. The Center has since grown in its ability to carry out the mission.

In 2012, Cara led a summer youth participatory action research project through which students recommended expanded youth jobs programming to civic leaders. Since then, she has led music video production, video documentary, and public service announcement projects with youth at the Worcester Youth Center.


Facilitation, Train-the-Trainer, Curriculum Development, Youth Media and Arts

Worcester Youth Center, YouthReach, Latino Education Institute

Program Coordinator

June 2012-Present

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