Transformative Culture Project

The Transformative Culture Project works with youth and adult artists to help them create social and economic power through their art. In a moment like the one we’re in, art has the potential to connect people to ideas they never thought were possible.

For over 12 years, Cara served as Co-Director and then Executive Director of Transformative Culture Project, formerly Press Pass TV, overseeing a reorganization, rename, and relaunch in 2016. Following that, she led the organization and board through an intentional Executive Transition, designed to bring in leadership of color to the organization. Since exiting as Executive Director in 2019, Cara has continued to support new leadership in various capacities.


Transformative Culture Project harnesses the economic power of creative arts for youth and community development. They imagine a world in which artists and cultural creatives are celebrated and compensated for their role in imagining the future and connecting people to one another. Cara spent over 12 years in Executive Leadership of the organization- developing programs, partnerships, managing relationships with the Board, and fundraising. As part of her Executive Transition, she stayed on as Emeritus Director for 6 months following her exit as Executive Director and continues to coach and support organizational leadership.


Executive Leadership, Transition, Fundraising, Coaching

Transformative Culture Project

Executive Director, Emeritus Director


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